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FMO sends our deepest condolence and highest tribute to our deceased heroes and comrades on 10 Aug 2021. We call out to donors from Myanmar and from around the world to help the front line heroes and those participating in CDM to oppose the illegitimate coup. With your help, we can hopefully avoid encountering such tragedy again.

We call out for donors to support with funds, provisions, and medical supplies to FMO and other trusted organizations. Any kind of support will be highly appreciated. In order to keep on going on this road of revolution, each and every one of your help is crucially and urgently needed.

We can’t be subsided and heated for we can not afford to lose our invaluable comrades and allies any further. Let’s continue to move forward together. One piece of sesame seed can’t produce oil, but summing enough seeds will yield sesame oil…

With the sympathetic help of donors, FMO was able to provide the citizens participating CDM once more. On behalf of all of the citizens and FMO, we would like to express our gratitude to each of the donors. We are continually trying the best for the CDM participants who have reached out to us.

Donors can provide CDM participants with items such as rice, cooking oil, salt, medical supplies and funds through this website and by contacting the Free Myanmar Organization official Facebook page. All thanks to donors, FMO has been successfully supporting the CDM participants, the refugee camps, the trainees at combat training camp, and the local schools in need of essential educational supplies.

Join us on our mission to put an end to the illegitimate dictatorship.

The revolution must win!

Appreciation from the donation recipients.

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