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Our Hero Volunteers

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

First and foremost, as a FMO family, we mourn with our fellow citizens who have lost their loved ones to the recent and ongoing third wave of Covid in Myanmar and send our deepest condolences. We would like to convey our deepest sympathies for those suffering from Covid 3rd wave and pray for relief.

FMO is an organization welcoming all nationalities from all walks of life. The volunteers of FMO have helped the refugees and their families extensively. Recently, we have managed to find a second home for some of the volunteers who are strongly willing to instruct the refugee students. The hardworking volunteers who are fighting for the revolution play a big part in moving the country towards a true Democracy.

The trainees left their homes to volunteer at the camp to fight in this revolution. They left everything behind - friends and families, comfort, and safety. All they brought were a few pairs of clothes, a fistful of enthusiasm, and a flare of hope. The trainers at the camp are also working hard for the wellness of the trainees even though they are not receiving a penny. Everyone is sacrificing all they have to sustain and persevere in this revolution. This is the unanimous voice of the citizens since the first day: we must win this revolution. We will overcome these darkest days and win this revolution with unity, persistence, and perseverance.

FMO can only continue strongly with the help and support from our friends near and afar. We, the FMO family, appreciate the donors all over the world, thank our volunteers wholeheartedly for their bravery, and also warmly welcome new volunteers who are willing to join us.

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