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Help Min Dat Refugees

Our top priority in supporting refugees is to meet their essential needs such as food and healthcare. The current crisis in Min Dat city has increased the number of refugees including pregnant women and elderly people as they flee from their homes and take shelter in the nearest forests and mountains. Over 50,000 people of Min Dat had to flee from their homes with nothing but hope in their hands to survive until tomorrow. With no guarantees of provisions, welfare, and safety, rehabilitation is something they can only hope for...

You can help them directly by donating to FMO. Thank you for your kindness and support by donating, sharing, and praying for us to win this revolution.

For those in Myanmar who are able to help, please contact us to donate items. For those abroad who are able to help, please feel free to add a note on what item(s) you want to donate in your cash donation.

We are currently donating the following items:

  • Grocery (rice, oil, salt, spices and chilies)

  • Dried fish; Canned fish

  • Instant noodles

  • Rain coats

  • Clothes

  • Jungle footwear

  • Flashlight

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