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CDM Holds Strong Amidst MAL's Extension Of The Illegitimate Coup

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

One of our new FMO projects is supporting the civilians taking part in CDM and it is starting to come alive with the help of our recent donors. On the official launching day of FMO website and social media accounts, participating CDM civilians reached out to us for financial aid for basic necessities such as food and medicines. Among those participants were the train and railway staff, healthcare workers, education staff, and pregnant women housing in temporary homes and monasteries.

We would like to show our sincere respect and appreciation for the civilians participating and engaging in CDM amidst the recent news of the unacceptable extension of the illegitimate coup.

FMO recently donated bags of rice for the CDM participants. Even though we’re helping in the best way possible, we still have a lot to accomplish. The crisis of COVID third wave and monsoon flooding in various parts of the country have not made things easier. We heartily encourage donors from all around the world to donate provisions of rice, oil, salt, canned food, medical supplies, and finance for the civilians. Any support for them in any amount is highly appreciated.

Our goal is to financially support the CDM civilians monthly. With our other project goals of supporting our training camp, the local villages, and refugees, we need the help of the donors from all around the world to ensure that civilians keep engaging in CDM to root out the dictatorship.

Join us on our mission to put an end to the illegitimate dictatorship!

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