Hundreds of citizens of ages between 16 and 40 years old from across Myanmar have joined military training. They are committing to one to three months of training away from their homes. These volunteers may train for one month and return to their homes or train for two more months to participate as backup for the soldiers on the ground. Each volunteer receives two meals a day - breakfast and dinner - while training from 4 am until 9 pm, sometimes later until midnight falls. They train every day of the week except for Sunday.

The very first batch of trainees had gone to different fields for their next two months of training. As soon as the first batch finished, the second batch of trainees arrived and had began with their basic training. With more batches coming in the near future and the increasing unrest that the terrorists bring, help is needed now more than ever for accommodation, food, healthcare, etc.

We need your help and support as we fight for a true Democracy. The revolution must prevail. We must win to end this terrorism once and for all.